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LOTRO PvMP Nights!
1 Comments · Likes · Like · 4th Aug 2015
The Guardians of Middle Earth reinstate the drunken PvMP Nights!

Wake up Sluggards! It's time for some evil scary funny drunken PvMP events!

This will be a repeated event once a month on a Saturday evening and we'll decide each time if we're going to be fighting as creep or as freep.

Rules during these PvMP nights are as followed:

  1. Whenever you die, you take a shot (preferably some alcoholic beverage)
  2. Nobody stays behind.. We live together or we die! (we move as a group, even if the odds are slightly against us)
  3. If the side we're on is heavily outnumbering the other side we switch over to help out the outnumbered
  4. We roam.. we do not camp spawn points.. We might do ambushes but we won't stay on one spot to long

  1. Thou shall wear no shoes!

  1. We might create racial based runs.. so to be sure it's wise to create one of each monsterclass and have him/her invited to the tribe.. for wargs we use Wargs that say Woof.. all other races can join Gnomes Pest Control Inc

4th Aug 2015 Bas
*Disclaimer: no shoes means no footwear, we will walk on our bare feet!
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