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LOTRO PvMP Nights!
4th Aug · Events · 1 Comments

The Guardians of Middle Earth reinstate the drunken PvMP Nights!

Wake up Sluggards! It's time for some evil scary funny drunken PvMP events!

This will be a repeated event once a month on a Saturday evening and we'll decide each time if we're going to be fighting as creep or as freep. Read the full news item for an overview of the rules.


Tower of Orthanc month in LOTRO
3rd Apr · Bas · Events · 0 Comments

"Welcome to the ring of Isengard, heroes. I have watched your progress with great interest. Prove yourselves worthy and I shall share with you the secrets of Middle-earth..."

In this month of Fools we'll be paying a visit to one of the biggest fools in Middle Earth, Saruman of Many Colours! The old wizard is hiding in the Tower of Orthanc and needs to be banished!


XSGamers presents the LOTRO Draigoch raid!
25th Feb · Events · 0 Comments

"Welcome, Thieves. I can smell the dread in your sweat. I hear the whistle of fear in your breath and feel the fluttering of your little hearts as they race in your chests. But come now, why do you fear? There is plenty of treasure here... enough for all, and more to spare." - Draigoch the Red.

XSGamers presents the LOTRO Draigoch raid!

Every Sunday in March!!

19:30h (UK) / 20:30h (CET) / 21:30h SAST

Happy New Year XSGamers!
1st Jan · Celebrations · 0 Comments

We'd like to wish all our members the very best for 2015
and may the gaming gods be kind to all of you!

The Admin team.

WildStar is gonna get real W.E.I.R.D
5th May 2014 · WildStar · 0 Comments

Wanted Exiles Impersonating Rowsdower Defenders

As is widely known, the poor Rowsdower population is suffering from widespread violence from individuals such as the Brofessional. They are maimed, skewered and exploded wantonly. Won't someone think of the Rowsdowers?!

Coming soon to Nexus!

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