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WildStar is gonna get real W.E.I.R.D
0 Comments · 5th May

Wanted Exiles Impersonating Rowsdower Defenders

As is widely known, the poor Rowsdower population is suffering from widespread violence from individuals such as the Brofessional. They are maimed, skewered and exploded wantonly. Won't someone think of the Rowsdowers?!

Enter the WEIRD-Operatives (WEIRD-Os). A band of honest "volunteers" (with minimal criminal records) taking a stand against this mindless slaughter. The WEIRD-Os offer their services to protect the poor goats against the malicious Dominion murderers. Successful missions are, of course, celebrated with a meaty banquet. Mmm, yummy Rowsdowers...

Do you want to join the WEIRD-O's and defend the Rowsdowsers... apply for membership!

Coming soon to Nexus!

Happy 4th Birthday XSGamers!
0 Comments · 23rd Jan
I so nearly forgot, but it's our 4th birthday today (23/1/14)

So happy Birthday to us all

The CORP - RSI Organisation page is launched
0 Comments · 22nd Jan

The new Organisations are launched on RSI, so we need all Corp members to sign up and join in on the page.

Let me know in the little text box who you are, as the player names on RSI don't always match with user names on XSGamers.


Rust n Dust - "Ugg!" Said the caveman
0 Comments · 3rd Jan

Build your life from the Dust of the land.

Protect your life from the Dangers of the land.

Live your life in the Changing of the land.

But don't Rust in the Dust!

Rust is available on Steam -  RUST - £14.99 (alpha)

50 slot UK server - Kindly donated by XSGamer, Bubs!

There's DayZ like this.....
0 Comments · 1st Jan

If you go down into the woods of Chernau today, you're sure of a BIG surprise....

XSGamers arrives in DayZ standalone..... be scared, we might actually kill something!

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