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My (re)view on TESO
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JurGrady 3rd May 2014

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I have been playing it for almost a month now.
And these are my findings.

It's an MMO with great potential, however to my feeling it suffers from the typical MMO sickness these days: it has come out too soon. It's not yet a fully finished / polished game yet, give it a couple more months and it can be a killer game. If they fix / change some things.

One (if not the biggest) issue I have with the game is the lack of an auction house. Yeah yea I know "but you have the guild store" ... blabla ... sorry but that is not a suitable replacement for a real auction house. Especially due to the fact that guilds are limited to 500 members. That is simply insufficient to set up a functioning economy of crafting and trading. And the guild store it practically unusable since there is no search option to search on the name of an object (can you believe that? ).

Resources, there are plenty of them to be found. However some more decent loot would be nice. Some good equipement drops now and then would be handy. And that brings us to crafting, which seems to be a bit ... simplistic. To me it feels like they were close to release when they realized "oops, we forgot the crafting system".

Another area that lacks and seems to be done in a hurry, the group finder. It's simply inadequate.

So which good things are there then ?
The story, wonderfull storyline. Also the fact that there is full voice acting is great. It makes that you don't often get the feeling "been here, done it already".
The fighting system is good too. PvP seems to be decent as well.

Conclusing: it has potential, but gives me the feeling it was rushed at the end. Which leaves a lot of loose ends.
If however they are able to fix those (mainly a decent auction house or a decent alternative) ... it will be an MMO worth revisiting.
Don't get me wrong, it's above average .. but simply lacks in some critical areas.

So for now ... subscription cancelled.
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