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Gaming Laptop
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HeadlessJoey 5th Jun 2014

Joined: 23rd Apr 2014
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Hey first off sorry for any mistakes I am typing this from a tablet.
I want to buy a laptop that can play any game. I know this wil cost a lot but I am hoping I can use it for sveral years.
A friend told me the best gaming computers and laptops are those from medion. I saw the newest gaming laptop they had was around 1500euros.
I was wandering if it is worth buying one. I need to buy a laptop anway since next year I will be travelling a lot. But I still want to play games.
I just wanna know other peoples opinions about gaming laptops.
Bas 6th Jun 2014

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
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darkfireeye 6th Jun 2014

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
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Yes the Alienware is great ... some cheaper variant could be some MSI Gaming Notebook (currently do not have one any more so I don't know about the current once) but there are different variants. The  MSI GT60-2PC81B Gaming Notebook might be something for you. Or the MSI GX680R-i748LW7P which has nice Tests. But top notch is still the Alienware M17xR3 (9674) which might be available for you around 1500-1700€

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HeadlessJoey 7th Jun 2014

Joined: 23rd Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 69
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First I had a max of like 1000 or 1100€ but for that money theres just no good Gaming Laptop.
To be honest I am thinking of the Alienware 17 it's 1500€ and all other Gaming Laptops for that price are weaker and everyone keeps saying the Alienwares are the best.

MrYiff 7th Jun 2014

Joined: 22nd Apr 2014
Rank: XSG Admin
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Have a look at XMG, they aren't as well know as alienware and until now haven't had laptops that looked that good but the new c404/504 look pretty nice, are still really thin for what you get and are really aimed at gaming so have enough gfx power and cooling to not crap out, plus the prices aren't too bad with the 504 coming in at just over £1k, plus they are offering a free upgrade to 8GB RAM if you order now:

http://www.xmg.gg/c504/in ... dex_UK.html

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HeadlessJoey 13th Jun 2014

Joined: 23rd Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 69
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Thanks everyone for your answers, I decided to wait till Christmas to buy a Laptop but I do have an idea which one to get.
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