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New chair. What to pick?
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ikkari 5th May 2015

Joined: 27th Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 39
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So im thinking about getting me self a chair, do you have any advice?

im thinking of something like this
http://www.needforseat.de ... ng--office/index.php

or this

http://akracingeurope.eu/ ... o-gaming-chair-blue/

Sad part is that i yet know a place to test them.
MrYiff 5th May 2015

Joined: 22nd Apr 2014
Rank: XSG Admin
Posts: 364
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I got a need for seat chair back in march and love it, it's so solid (steel frame inside), yet still pretty comfy even after long gaming sessions.

One thing to remember with the NFS chairs though is that the foam padding is pretty stiff as it is designed to last so while it is still pretty comfy, it isn't soft and squishy (but honestly after a week or so you don't notice).

One downside with NFS though (and this may be the same with other chairs too), is since they use PU leather there is a pretty strong chemical like smell that is pretty noticeable however this does go over time (or you just get used to it),

Overall I'm really happy with my NFS chair and it does feel like it will last and still be comfy to use, just make sure you check the chair specs as the different models handle different height and weights so it is worth making sure you get the right one.
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BroderFluff 5th May 2015

Joined: 12th Apr 2014
Rank: Planetside 2 Officer
Posts: 42
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I bought a Need4Seat chair myself recently (the same category you linked) and I'm very happy so far. It truly reeks of quality and is super comfy to boot with the tilt and head cushion and all..

Like Yiff mentioned, the padding makes the chair feel pretty dense/hard, so depending on how soft your current chair is I reckon you'll have some reaction between "Hmm, it's rougher than I thought" to "OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE" but don't fear! You'll get used to it in a week and the hard padding sort of forces you to think about your posture which is good for you in the long run.

Another "downside" for me is the padded bars along the legs which makes it difficult to sit in a lotus position (and all the other wacky ways I tend to sit in chairs) but I'm getting used to sitting in a more natural position.

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ikkari 5th May 2015

Joined: 27th Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 39
Likes 11

So the chair i have now is a Kinnarps 6000 with medium backpice. And i would bescribe it as kind of hard but still comfy. =)
Thargor 8th May 2015

Joined: 26th Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 93
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This is mine that I picked up recently, a few months ago:

http://www.chairoffice.co ... -operator-chair.aspx

It's pretty comfortable, even when sitting in it for a few hours at a time...

ikkari 13th May 2015

Joined: 27th Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 39
Likes 11

ooh i did forget, this is the chair i got.
http://www.chilli.se/sv/a ... torsstol-pu-new.html
And so far i like it. The next week i have som time of and will test it out then =)
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