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cutlass for all this week
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darkfireeye 1st Mar 2015

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
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Want to test drive the Cutlass black? This week is your chance, since it is accessible for everyone this week in Arena Commander! I hope i find the time to give it a try too this week since i do not own one!
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darkfireeye 3rd Mar 2015

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
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Now I had a bit of time to try out the cutlass, I know I'm a bad fighter pilot but the cutlass feels compared to a Aurora and a Hornet like a wale. I constantly overshoot the target. Surprisingly I stayed alife pretty long .. just from the feeling I survived alone in vanuul swarm longer then in a hornet, but it took me ages to take out these fast vanuuls.

I don't even want to imagine how wale like a constellation will feel and I hope I get better in flying cause else I do not need all those class 2 weapon mounts on my Constellation .. I rather let it handled by some else and use a turret with the mouse not joystick

@Spagfoot: respect that you could even hit with the cutlass when we played together .. have to learn some tricks from you

... well we will see and but still it is alot of fun playing AC a bit again and I can't wait to get my hands on that multi crew stuff !

Star Citizen: Mara_Jade | Steam / Origin: darkfireeye | LOTRO: Maraldandor

Last Edit: 3rd Mar 2015 by darkfireeye
Spagfoot 3rd Mar 2015

Joined: 23rd Apr 2014
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Yeah it does handle like a whale at the moment! I think it is about right though as it's not really a fighter - more a ship for jumping out from behind asteroids and launching loads of rockets at traders and stealing their cargo!

I need to find some time to play again. Not been playing anything for ages really. Not too long to go to the next module now

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darkfireeye 4th Mar 2015

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
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Well same here, I guess if AC 1.1 comes out with the REC I'll maybe more motivated to try it out more often. But don't know if that FPS Module will even release first ... should be before the planet side module. But the later one I guess is only a tech demo .. I'm rather looking forward when they start to test the different mission types in AC for the persistent universe.

Star Citizen: Mara_Jade | Steam / Origin: darkfireeye | LOTRO: Maraldandor

Forum » MMO's » Star Citizen
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