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1.1.1 Patch, don't try if REC rental is ticking
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darkfireeye 11th Apr 2015

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
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They already released the Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.1 (yes they call it Alpha now to not confuse new people with 1.1).

Here are the patch notes! They have massive problems with the match making and now actually the lobby again. Since they are not done reprogramming the whole matchmaking system and at the moment it is still the old one that will be replaced, it is currently not worth looking into it unless you do some single player.

It's worth to have a look at the new manual (I did not read it all yet :angel

The current Status of the bug fixes should be here.
I for example can't get into a public lobby (wanted to try if you do actually earn so much less REC now if you are not performing that good). I just get a black screen or a message "Can't join the party".

I hope still they fix it till next Thursday, would be great to get into free flight together again (A Connie sits there in the middle ready to evate there and try in space ... but not fly away), since we are now able to actually turn and use the turrets of the Super Hornet, the Gladius and the Cutlass. Oh yes you did read it correctly, the Gladius is flight ready and that is the next thing I want to work towards to rent with REC! Looks nice that ship!

So keep in mind, at the moment you are not able to earn more REC even though if you log in your timers of the rented equipment is ticking anyway!

So do you have better luck than me playing? Are you in next Thursday?

Star Citizen: Mara_Jade | Steam / Origin: darkfireeye | LOTRO: Maraldandor

Last Edit: 11th Apr 2015 by darkfireeye
Nal 11th Apr 2015

Joined: 26th Apr 2014
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Gladiator .... Gladius was in already
Spagfoot 11th Apr 2015

Joined: 23rd Apr 2014
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Tried it - couldn't get into multiplayer. Tried again and got infinite loading screen Think I will try again later in the week

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Obsessite 12th Apr 2015

Joined: 17th Feb 2014
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I stocked up on a few CCU's for Shornet > Gladiator. Swapped to the Gladiator to see what it's like, and it seems like a really sturdy ship. If it can fit a jump engine and swap the ordnance bay for cargo it may be a good high value cargo hauler.

The Shornet is a great ship, but is too laser focussed on combat for the PU, especially with 'Death of a Spaceman' death penalties involved there, so at this point I might be swapping to the Gladiator permanently.

If anyone fancies arranging a MP free flight to see what gunning in the Gladius would be like, give me a shout. I'm only about Friday, Sat and Sun nights now as I work away and don't have a laptop powerful enough to run any games (yet),

darkfireeye 13th Apr 2015

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 294
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Gladius / Gladiator I got them mixed up every time, but you knew what I ment . even Jez got it mixed up hehe.

Would be nice to learn what ship is better armored SHornet or the Gladiator! From what I saw on youtube the people think it handles at least analog to the SHornet. I'll stick with my SHornet though, since for survivability I have my Phonix (hopefully it can take more of a punch).

But I agree ... if I look at the AC now, I'm pretty worried about the PU .. for my taste you are dying to fast or with a cockpit snipe even without a chance to run for it. I would be pretty pissed in the PU ... in AC that mechanic is fine since you got respawns without penalty. I'm just thinking I fly on a mission with my maybe rarely found weapons load out, tucked together from different locations (and it is confirmed that you will get the special stuff only in specific locations) and in case you can't put an insurance on them you are just fucked for maybe a little mistake ..

Still not sure what to think about that ... maybe it actually adds to the experience. We have to wait and see for the PU Alpha including all that mechanisms and game designs.

Star Citizen: Mara_Jade | Steam / Origin: darkfireeye | LOTRO: Maraldandor

Forum » MMO's » Star Citizen
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