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Scott 18th Apr 2015

Joined: 28th Jan 2014
Rank: XSG Admin
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OK What do you think... 

No Campaign.. Bonus for me still yet to play the campaign for BF3, BF4, and the last 3 to 4 Cod Games.. 

40 Players Per Server so only 20 v 20

Only 4 Maps on Launch.. With Jakku coming playable about a week or so later for free with a time lock for people who pre order and people who dont once the movie has been out a week 

No Battle log Support 

No Space Battles yet All maps are ground based up to now

Up To now the game to me is worth about £10 

USnake93 18th Apr 2015

Joined: 31st Dec 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 61
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Seems like EA is moving into the selling-dlc-as-full-games-at-full-price business. Very disappointing.. It feels like they're giving us little snipets of ideas or concepts without fully working them out or making proper content..

Acetylo 18th Apr 2015

Joined: 23rd Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 88
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No Story: Of course, the films tell the story. The game is only for the hype.
Only 4 maps: You dont know how big they are. Battlefornt 2 only had those little whatever the heck they are maps.
40 Players: Hopefully they will let the Server Host decide the population.
No Space: Yep "selling-dlc-as-full-games-at-full-price business" seems accurate

However the grafiks are nice and if they make no mistakes with the gameplay, its worth buying

Scott 18th Apr 2015

Joined: 28th Jan 2014
Rank: XSG Admin
Posts: 334
Likes 50

I am proper on the Fence with this one you know.. After that trailer and info that has come out.. i will buy it.. hell i would by a Star Wars Turd if it was official. but damm not impressed at the moment.

darkfireeye 20th Apr 2015

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 294
Likes 24

Still thinking and I'm not sure if to preorder! If you do i guess everyone is playing on pc right?!

Definitely looks like they are doing that shit dlc business of "late" .. sadly!

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Mudcut 20th Apr 2015

Joined: 20th Feb 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 58
Likes 12

Tempting but no pre-order for me... yet

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Geekbyte 20th Apr 2015

Joined: 10th Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 712
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Who are you lot trying to kid!

You're all going to fucking buy it, you know you will. Pre-order hype begins

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darkfireeye 22nd Apr 2015

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 294
Likes 24

LOL yes listen to your master

Star Citizen: Mara_Jade | Steam / Origin: darkfireeye | LOTRO: Maraldandor

Scott 22nd Apr 2015

Joined: 28th Jan 2014
Rank: XSG Admin
Posts: 334
Likes 50

No Your Right Gaz i would pay £100 for a Premium Covered Turd if it was Star Wars lmao ! But the game to me is still only worth about £10.. but we will see when more info comes out and they show us the game and not a fucking movie created on a 100K Set Up .

Frostglade 5th May 2015

Joined: 8th Feb 2014
Rank: WildStar Officer
Posts: 376
Likes 282

Yea... no campaign (loved the Battlefront campaigns), no space battles (a must-have for a SW FPS after BF2, they were awesome), a third less players on maps... It's a game equivalent of an Apple product: all graphics but no content.

Unless the game costs at most 20 €, I'll be skipping it and hoping someone will make a proper sequel to the series in the future. With the number of features cut compared to a game 10 years older, charging full price is a bloody bad joke.

"It will be happened, it shall be going to be happening, it will be was an event that could will have been taken place in the future." - Arnold J. Rimmer

Forum » FPS » Battlefield Series
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