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GoD Factory: wingmen
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JurGrady 7th May 2014

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Closed beta key registration:
https://docs.google.com/forms/ ... dtKiPMpPYnU/viewform

GoD Factory: Wingmen is a multiplayer space combat game played through fast-paced and intensely tactical 4 vs 4 player matches, where the aim is to destroy the enemy's 13km long Carrier before it wrecks yours; all under the relentless fire of enemy players and point-defense turrets.

•Teamwork is absolutely essential; it is your most powerful tool.

•Dozens of activated special abilities; you will do way more than fly and shoot.

•You bring two gunships to each match, doubling the amount of shipbuilding and customization outside battle.

•Over a thousand different gunship parts with different stats, divided among four playable species.

•Oculus Rift and Joystick support

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