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Geekbyte 5th Sep 2016

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I know a fair few peeps are playing it, so what are your thoughts?

Definitely plays better in a Squad, on Discord

Also, I'll be running a server at launch, which everyone is welcome on to

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USnake93 5th Sep 2016

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That was fun guys, thanks for the games. Will come on Discord next time if I can!

Looks to be a good game in my opinion, less of the lock on and full auto 900rpm guns and more analog and skill base perhaps? I do like BF4 as well though but it does feel different. (Unlike BF3 - BF4)

Sniping seems easier with less bullet drop, etc but we will see in the final game.

Tanks, especially the FT (Light tank) is OP however as far as I know, they have already balanced it for the final game and will only be OP for the Beta. The Heavy Tank with the side turrets will be a true teamwork tank as the driver will have to shuffle so both gunners can shoot at other tanks - will be fun

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Spagfoot 6th Sep 2016

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Definitely fun - had a few blasts online with Poco but I am not sure it is worth the money they are asking. Might be one I pick up on a cheap deal when they arrive. I do like the battelfield game but this is clearly star wars battlefront with different skins. It feels so much the same. It is fun though and I do like WW1 stuff.

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Forum » FPS » Battlefield Series
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