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[STICKY] Smurf Assault Squad
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Geekbyte 25th Apr 2014

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The Smufs are in Planetside 2!

We need you, your humour, your skills & above all your best cooking recipes! Camaraderie!

Time zone: EU
Faction: New Conglomerate
Server Location: Miller
Short `Who Are We`: Casual, adult players over 18 from anywhere in Europe who can speak English (doesnt have to be perfect) & who play for Fun and don't mind a good chuckle on Voice Comms
Member Target: 18+ years old - Without a humour bypass! We have members from UK, Ireland, Holland, France, Sweden, Germany, Croatia, Greece etc so don't think we're solely UK only. We'll take anyone
Website: www.xsgamers.com

About Us:
The guise of XSGamers has been around for 8-10 years and we've played many games, stretching from Lord of the Rings Online, Battlefield 2,3,BC2, CoD, Guild Wars 2, in fact a plethora of games too many to mention. We just look at our Steam games list and shake our heads in disbelief from time to time
We're a casual adult Clan/Guild/Kin based on the premiss that gaming is FUN and as adults, with all the parenting, work responsibilities that go with it, we try to have as good a time as possible in what little time we have.We don't expect everyone to play PS2 & only PS2 as that's not what being an XSGamer is about. It's about playing games, with friends in a good environment at you leisure.

How will your outfit play in PS2 and what are your goals? 
We aim to find our own way, if some like to be birdmen and take to skies then we'll follow suit as a parachute/dropzone outfit. Or we may aim at being the heavy hardware brigade, rolling in the armour & repairing as we go. Nothing is set in stone, as long as it's FUN and we'll see what the battlefield dictates we need.

What does your outfit offer?
We're a small, friendly community that has gamed together over the past 8-10 years in parts. We've strived for quality over quantity as we'd rather have 10 quality members than 100 with 50 A-holes in there.
We also run Operations often which is a more serious mode of playing and helps us be more effective on the battlefield. Plus, we can't forget the Flash races

What sort of members you’re looking for?
Casual players who don't necessarily have oodles of time on their hands, but can play & will play when their time allows. No pressure from us, ever.

Are you playing any games together? 
Currently have an active LOTRO Kinship, plus a new WildStar Guild thrown in as well as The Corp in Star Citizen. We also have a popular FPS section that is playing a variety of DayZ, BF4, and a smidgeon of CoD as well. Though we try not to tell anyone

Any outfit rules or requirements you may have.
Over 18's as a rule, but we can relax that somewhat if the person comes across as mature. We use Teamspeak for voice comms which is essential for everyone to use and pretty essential for when we are playing as an Outfit so we can issue orders quickly.We also have our own website/forums for day-to-day communication.
Swearing is fine in general, but we don't tolerate bullying, racism or getting personal.

All new recruits will be subject to a short trial period, nothing drastic or long-term.

What should a potential recruit do if they want to join?
Best thing to do is to to take a look at our Want to become an XSGamer thread! and see if we are what you are looking for. Or contact me direct via PM on here.

Twitch: GeekByte | Twitter: GeekByteUK
Steam: GeekByte | Origin: GeekByte
Star Citizen: Geekbyte | PSN: GeekByteUK
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Forum » FPS » Planetside 2 (Free To Play)
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