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Forum » FPS » Planetside 2 (Free To Play)
Bambi 26th Sep 2014

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Looking for an online FPS to play for awhile and remembered that I had never tried Ps2. 

Is it easy for a newbie to get in to? (I have played other online games like battlefields and cod's)

I know it's f2p but I guess there are micro transactions. What's the experience like for someone who does not want to pay anything? Would I be at a huge disadvantage other people who have paid for stuff?


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MrYiff 26th Sep 2014

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It's pretty easy to get into, worst case you look for someone not on your faction and shoot them!

Theres more depth with squads and such doing more tactical attacks with the objective of helping to secure a continent but you can always just jump in and follow the zerg and attack where they got which normally gets you decent fights.

The microtransactions aren't too bad, all the cash only stuff is purely cosmetic and all the guns/vehicle unlocks can be unlocked with ingame XP. Generally using XP is fine but it can be worth spending a bit of $$ once you find a class you enjoy focusing on as while no one gun is pay to win and totally OP, there are some guns that work better than others.

Once you are ingame drop Hammer a shout and he can get you hooked up with an outfit invite as it makes the game more fun when you play with others

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Hammerfist 26th Sep 2014

Joined: 17th Feb 2014
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Q: Is it easy for a newbie to get into?
A: Two sides to this really. For the lone player it's pretty horrible long-term. For someone with a pre-existing in-game support network such as XSG it's much more forgiving. The scale is like nothing I've ever experienced before, hence when BF4 appeared I was extremely underwhelmed.

It's a FPS so you'll know what keybindings you like ('Spot Enemy' is very handy in PS2).On first starting the game, create an NC character on Miller and go to VR Training. I think there's a tutorial nowadays, so follow that and see what it says (also be aware you get some freebies at the end of it!).

It's a class-based game, so play around with them all in VR. Again, you probably know what your preferred gamestyle is so start with a class that sounds like it might be your thing. VR gives you fully-pimped versions of all their abilities, so although you won't be that good 'out of the box' at Battle Rank 1 it will give you an idea of what direction you might like to take each class.

Be aware that you can switch out your class any time at an infantry terminal (or when respawning) and with at least 3 loadouts per class and no upgrade limits (i.e. no exclusive skill-tree choices like in an RPG) you can have a hell of a lot of variety. All classes are combat roles, but most also have a utility role (repairing, healing, scouting) which earns XP so however you decide to play you feel you are being rewarded.

It's also a combined arms game. I mostly play infantry, but if vehicles are more your thing then play around with the tanks and aircraft. Some people are good at these things, but if (like me) you suck you can still use utility vehicles such as the Sunderer to great effect.

Q: I know it's f2p but I guess there are micro transactions. What's the experience like for someone who does not want to pay anything? Would I be at a huge disadvantage other people who have paid for stuff?
A: The best bit about this game is the fact that it's a big-budget AAA which is free to play and does not rely on microtransactions. As MrYiff said, you can buy cosmetics only with real-life money. Everything else can be earned with experience (which provides certs for buying things) or bought with money, but money cannot buy you power here.

SOE refer to the weapons in this game as 'sidegrades', and now the weapons are balanced throughout each class I think this is true. The heavy assault, for example, has access to 7 core LMGs but there is no real 'best' choice - just your choice. Crap shot? Pick one with a high rate of fire. Like to hold your mouse finger down? Go with high magazine capacity. Likewise, the number of scopes, barrel and rail items are largely shared between weapons.

On the flipside, there are some weapons that do different/unique things and are not initially available. For example, the Lightning tank has an option to unlock the Skyguard anti-aircraft barrel. In my opinion, this is a must-have so I went ahead and bought it on release day for money. I could have waited and spent certs, but I just love to AA! In this sense, cries of P2W could be seen as valid as with enough money you can unlock every weapon (and scope), but you still can't buy upgrades for abilities, armour, etc. so the P2W claims are (in my opinion) ridiculous!

TL;DR - If you enjoy playing FPSs you'll probably enjoy playing this. You won't need to spend a penny.
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Lavium 26th Sep 2014

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Thought I'd chime in here to say we'd love to have you! Also, I had $10 of sony-money in my account from god knows what. I play PS2 almost exclusively (for a year now?) and I a) haven't spent it all and b) only bought a couple of comestic items. Honestly I *should* subscribe because the game has given me so much enjoyment.
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firlonn 26th Sep 2014

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Basically you can get all weapons and vehicle upgrades from alittle gameplay. Micro Transactions are for shinies, like Camo, Limifibre and spikey things on tanks... vanity items... dont worry about killing friendlies i throw C4 to rez people most of the time! just aim to have fun and you cant go far wrong!

we work to take out compounds and enemy squads, sometimes we win, sometimes we die in glorious balls of flame trying to fly out of the warpgate!

besides with directives we are all using the default weapons to get ribbons!

Bambi 27th Sep 2014

Joined: 26th Apr 2014
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Awesome thanks guys.

Will see you ingame soon
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Steam: Thisisshaun

Origin: Bambi-UK

PSN Id: Asidius81

Forum » FPS » Planetside 2 (Free To Play)
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