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[STICKY] WildStar Guides
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Frostglade 6th May 2014

Joined: 8th Feb 2014
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Here are some guides for various things in the game. Feel free to post anything you've found .

Chief Sarcan's Class Guide
Chief Sarcan's Path Guide (Slightly outdated)
Nexus Talk - Choosing Your Path
Chief Sarcan's Crafting Guide
Chief Sarcan's Costume Guide (Outdated)

Warplots with Jen Gordy

Warrior Raid DPS

Spellslinger Healing: Getting Started
An Introduction to the DPS Spellslinger

Official WildStar Wikia
WildStar Wiki

Tell Me a Story

WildStar Arkship

Tradeskills Chart

WildStar Tips & Tricks

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Rustain 7th May 2014

Joined: 25th Apr 2014
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If your looking for some nice simple video guides about certain features try looking at Fevir channel on youtube he has created a load of videos about most features in the game. 
Meltup 16th May 2014

Joined: 28th Apr 2014
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Roleplay guide line

Character creation - race & name

First of all, when you create a character, you need to decide what class, path and race to choose. While it is hard to recommend any specific class and path - you simply need to try them out to find yours - with race it is a little easier. Despite the creating a nice-looking appearance for character, take a look into the lore and history of races to make a proper decision:
Remember - there have always been deviations in societies - but, when it comes to RP, the race will determine how another characters will treat yours at first time they met each other. Along with race, you must also choose a name for you character - and here we have some statistic about racial preferences:
Naming Conventions
It is quite often that, besides First Name and Surname, a character has a nickname - but it is only limited by your fantasy and character's background.

About characters height:



"How old is your character?" - good question. Unfortunately, there is no official information about races lifespan, though people have some ideas about it:
Also, while thinking about the age of your character, remember to look at timeline to know which history events could affect him/her. About cryo-sleep:

Character personality and attitude

The possibilities here are endless but one has to start with something => here are some RP topics with basic ideas how to make the image of your character more clear:
Your character's personality type
Developing personality/attitude your character
Random acts about your character
10 questions to ask you charactor
Get inside your character's head

RP profile and addons

It is not necessery but you can create RP pofile for your character on RP community forum and RP Wiki. This makes you and your character are more reknown so I would advice to do it if you character has high society rank. Some notes for that:
On Character Bios

To add RP data on characters ingame use these addons (notice - you need only one at a time as they are alternatives to each other):
PDA - Personnel Data Accessor
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Rustain 12th Jun 2014

Joined: 25th Apr 2014
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This thread contains all the requirements for achieving gold medals in adventures.  Da Thread also contains some nice videos aswell. 
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Vodka 10th Jul 2014

Joined: 7th May 2014
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Hope fully we can get a guild group together and start trying some veteran dungeons soon, with this in mind I found this Veteran Stormtalon guide:

http://dulfy.net/2014/07/ ... -lair-dungeon-guide/
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