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[STICKY] WildStar Addons
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Rustain 25th Apr 2014

Joined: 25th Apr 2014
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Thought i'd redo this post on the new site, so again if you come across any addons which you think are useful or just plain fun i'll add them to this post. Remember addons can be downloaded through the curse client  download here...


BijiPlates : As currently nameplates are a little broken this is a nice easy addon to replace the standard nameplates. 

SAS : Adds a handy button above your action set that you can press to switch between the action sets on the fly.

Deadlock Extended: Aiming à la TERA. Replaces the cursor with an aiming reticle you can use to target by moving your mouse like in an FPS.

Game Ready Sound : Nice little addon if your ever queuing for pvp or pve group content and alt-tab out will give out a rather loud alert to tell you its popped.


Aura Mastery : Displays debuffs and buffs to help with certain bosses and also gives helpful hints for when OnDeflect and OnCritical proc based abilities.

ThreatMeter: Your typical threat meter to see who's not letting the tank get agro a common tool for seasoned mmo players.


JunkIt : During your adventures in Nexus you will find tonnes of junk from mobs, this addon will allow you to quickly sell junk and other items.

CommodityStats : Handy for keeping track of prices on Commodity Exchange. Shows graphs of the price trends and other handy stuff.

ProtoMail : Open all or selected mail - collect money and items from player or AH mail. Deletes empty mail items to help keep your inbox tidy (will not touch GM or NPC created mail). Auto-completes names from alts, recently mailed, friends, neighbors, guild and circles. Upon closing the mail UI, it will print out how much money you have collected.
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Meltup 4th May 2014

Joined: 28th Apr 2014
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Posts: 73
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As there are now a lot of Wildstar addons at  curse.com, I have decided to make a post about addons I use myself - maybe it will be usefull for someone. This list, of cause, will be edited and updated all the time 

GotHUD - shows health, shield and other resources as bands to the right and left of your character.
I love the new game UI but I realy-realy hate how it displays your own health by small icon, at which I never looked in battles. After a few deaths I started to search for replacement and found this addon. Very helpfull. I don't like only the dash band - it appears and dissapears all the time - so turned it off.

SimpleBuffBar - detaches Buff and Debuff icons from unit frames.
Allows you to see buffs and debuffs on yourself while hiding your character icon.

ItemPreviewImproved - greatly increases your ability to preview items.
With this addon you can preview items in AH, by Chatlinks, etc.

PurchaseConfirmation - protects you from instantly buying things from NPC vendors by clicking on them.
This helps to save your money  And it realy will help a lot.

EntSpy - tracker of interactable items
An addon that automatically tracks all (or up to your choice) units within render distance.

Path Ability Picker - allows you to switch path ability without going to full ability list.
It makes the switching between path abilities much quicker and easier.

GalaxyMeter - simple tool to gather statistic about damage, healing, etc.
Just to overwatch yourself in compare to other players + overview of group stats.

TrackMaster- draws a line the a specific unit such as mailbox, your target, etc.
It would quite useless (unless you are a very lazy person) but it has next extension:

TrackMaster: Subdue - automaticly draws a line to your weapon when subdued.
This one is also must have (and some UI addons even include it in yourselves). In PvE party and raids it is very helpfull when boss have mass disarm ability and you need quickly to find your weapon. Moreover, players also sometime have disarm abilities. Unfortunately, addon doesn't work without TrackMaster.

PDA - adds RP data on your character and, if installed by other players, - allows to see RP data of their characters.
Just an addon for RP purpose  However, right now there are some problems with showing info about another RP characters.

Killroy - RP chat addon
It automatically sorts the speaking in the emotions and emotions in the speaking. Plus it allows to speak with enemy faction.

The Visitor - allows you to visit public houses.
Must have for visiting open clubs, shops and other plots.
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TeaTimes 23rd May 2014

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 134
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AMP Purchased is a really nice Addon which tells you the AMPs you've already got and you can ever search where you can buy the AMPs from the vendor. It's regularly updated as well.

HousingDecoresetManager is used to save your Housingset in the current arrangement so you can recreate it at a later point or share it with other people. (Used it to save my Beta-characters houses)

WildStar: Lyril Thilley (Human Medic Explorer)

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Boddymut 23rd May 2014

Joined: 12th Apr 2014
Rank: Planetside 2 Officer
Posts: 155
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Scrappy is a replacement for the default salvaging addon. It lists all salvageable items in your inventory and allows you to filter them by quality, type or just ignore items you want to keep forever completely .

Stalker Resource System  Stalker Resource System (SRS) is your Stalker's resource bar on speed. It allows you to freely move it around and customize it to look like you want. On top of that many new features has been added to help keep your eyes on the action and not on UI elements.
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TeaTimes 24th May 2014

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
Rank: XSGamer
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Just a quick question: Does anyone who uses Bijiplates have the problem that the names look a bit out of focus.. like they're a bit blurred?
Names look normal when I don't use the addon but with it it just seems strange.

WildStar: Lyril Thilley (Human Medic Explorer)

There's no pattern to the pebbles here. They're completely random. I tried to count them, but you drove too fast. Hummingbird.

Frostglade 31st May 2014

Joined: 8th Feb 2014
Rank: WildStar Officer
Posts: 376
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EzSocial Bar: Adds a bar which shows the number of friends, guild members and circle members are online (similar to the social bar in SWTOR). It can also be made to play a sound when you get a friend invite, someone logs in etc.You can also access the respective windows by clicking on the bar's sections.

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Frostglade 4th Aug 2014

Joined: 8th Feb 2014
Rank: WildStar Officer
Posts: 376
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The main addons I'm currently using (using 55 in total but listed only the major ones):

ThreatMeter is a basic threat meter.

ProcsHUD is a more visible interface for the spells associated to a proc. Seeing your spell available in your Limited Action Set is tough during a fight. With ProcsHUD, you have an icon popping right now to your character reminding you that you can use your proc.

BetterQuestLog is a minimalist oriented quest log replacement that does away with the episode/category/quest tree-style of quest menu in favor of the more familiar flat menu.

Path Ability Picker
Path Ability Picker adds a popout to the Carbine Action Bar for easily switching your current Path Ability.

AMP Finder
  1. The AMP Finder window points the way to the AMP vendors in a given zone.
  2. On the AMP window, tooltips for locked AMPs are modified slightly to indicate how to unlock the AMP inlay, whether by quest reward, vendor purchase, or the Commodity Exchange.
  3. The AMP window also gains a new "filter" dialog. Typing a filter will highlight AMPs which match the filter text.
  4. Vendors which sell AMPs will now display "(Known)" next to the name of AMPs which have already been learned.
  5. AMP tooltips will be modified to also show the type of AMP (assault, support, utility, hybrid) and rank.

Scan anything in a 35 yard radius that will not aggro....so friendlies...or corpses of neutrals and hostiles.

With the help of our great Protostar™ licensed technology you will always remember which Scanbot you had around, and you'll never again miss him on your travels on Nexus! You won't revert back to your stock Scanbot on login or teleport and will never forget to summon your Electronic Helper on dismount or temporary loss of his services.

This addon aims to provide better party frames by improving the way health, shields and absorbs are displayed. Disabled the dynamic HP/Shield/Absorb offsetting and changed this to a static layout. Adds text-overlay that shows available HP/shield/absorbs.

This addon aims to be a replacement for the default raid frames by improving the way HP/Shields/Absorbs are displayed.

The addon name OptiPlates is a wordplay of both optimum (performance) and options, for high customizability. The main focus will be on performance and adding new useful features. Current features include:
  • Show HP/Shield/Castbar/Shield recharge time (for the player)/Distance/Level etc. and choose which to show based on unit types
  • Many scaling options
  • Different combat opacity for friendly and hostile units (new!)
  • High performance
  • Two different styles (the same ones as in BijiPlates)
  • Color customization
  • High degree of customization on which units have their nameplates shown
  • Buff/Debuff/Cleanse alert display
  • Profiles support

Squared and minimalistic minimap addon. All the minimap buttons have been removed, except for the minimap options button. In addition, the addon replaces the default quest arrows with more visible ones.

This is a Compass based Unit and Quest tracker inspired by Skyrim. Quickly find find your way to quests, quest objectives, lore, crafting nodes, and important NPCs!

  • Preview multiple items in the same window
  • Preview items you can't equip
  • Dye items you're currently previewing! (Only works with items from your Inventory atm)
  • Preview FABKits. Only the base tier of an 'tiered' FABkit has any preview screenshots, e.g. Garden Tier 1 -> Works, Garden Tier 2 -> doesn't work
  • Preview items on Auction House, from Quest Rewards, Questlog, Chatlinks, Schematics/Tech Tree Tab, Challenges and Greed Vs Need Roll Window

IconLoot is an alternative to Carbine's LootNotificationWindow.  It provides a customizable notifications for loot that you receive.

As simple as its name. When you open a vendor window, it also opens your bags. When you close the vendor window, it closes your bags.

MrFancyPants Equipment Manager
MrFancyPants allows you to create and save various sets of gear. 

Scrappy v2.0
It lists all salvageable items in your inventory and allows you to filter them by quality, type or just ignore items you want to keep forever completely.

LootRollEnhanced is a replacement to the default Carbine addon NeedVsGreed. The purpose of this addon is to make rolling for loot and items a more straight forward process in pick up groups without necessarily having to discuss Need versus Greed criteria.

ETooltip adds a summary to the tooltip an item with relevant information on secondary stat increases including: milestones reached and bonuses from them, converts ratings into secondary stat estimates, as well as consolidates information from multiple bonuses (ex + critical severity from 2 primary stats will be shown added together instead of separately).

  • Stores discovery attempts between play session  - no more amnesia on logout
  • Colorizes guide arrows by distance - default colors: blue/green = far, yellow = near, orange = really close
  • Does not discard previous attempts for a recipe once one unknown sub-recipe has been discovered, but waits till all sub-recipes are known.
  • Allows you to change the opacity of Additive markers, so you can make sure you'll always be able to see exactly where you are going to land.

Protostar Multifunction Tool
This addon will pop up the appropriate tool under your mouse cursor when you right click on a resource you're currently unequipped for. So three rightclicks and you'll be harvesting as expected!

Have you ever purchased an expensive, unusable and non-refundable item from a vendor, while trying to create a chat-link to said item? Well, I have. This addon is intended to put a stop to such accidental purchases, by injecting a "confirm purchase" dialog at various vendors in the game.

C.R.E.D.D. Broker
This addon shows the amount of current buy and sell orders and available price information. It checks all 30 seconds if the market had changed an update data. The addon stores historic data for buy and sell ordes. Data stored globally so you can compare prices of different realms. Data can only collected from this realm you are currently on.

The red bag icon sells all items that are classified as junk.  Classification is set through the options.

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Frostglade 4th Aug 2014

Joined: 8th Feb 2014
Rank: WildStar Officer
Posts: 376
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The Commodities Exchange is a pretty powerful too. However, the default UI is missing some pretty important features. This addon adds a few of these important features for you to take advantage of like:
  • Better category filtering
  • Sell side filtering that is identical to the buy side! (Text, category, item level, item quality)
  • Now has support for other Marketplace addons like Supernova and CommodityStats
  • Sorting by name and item level. NOTE: The buy side only returns 50 items at a time. This will sort those 50 items. Best results are when you filter and sort at the same time
  • "Show Available Only" filter that will hide everything that cannot be bought/sold immediately. ! 
  • New sort filter: Price
  • New filter category: Show Below Vendor Only

This addon is designed to allow you to scan the auction house. The results of the scan are then stored and will be visible when viewing item tooltips. It also shows item stack counts when selling items on the auction house.

Commoditystats is a tool for tracking the price history of buy- and sell-orders on the Commodity Exchange, so that information can be used to your advantage. It does so by saving the statistics as often as once every hour and present them to you in a nice graph. It has a scan button to perform a (fast!) scan of all commodity items and a history link on every presented commodity item.

This addon has one simple purpose - automatically fetch all items and money from the mailbox, and deleting automated mails. It will not delete mails sent by other people.

EzSocial Bar
EzSocial Bar is an addon intended to provide a overall easy to read summary of your social status Similar to that of the social bar in SWTOR.

GroupRadar helps "getting the band back together" by showing arrows pointing to your groupmembers.

  • Improved roster grid
  • Offline filter
  • Maxlevel filter aka "Noobfilter"
  • Class/Path icons
  • Secured leave/disband guild by addition check
  • Bugfixes for several still unfixed carbine bugs

TieDye extends the dye list in the costume window with options to help make finding dyes easier.

PDA - Personnel Data Accessor
Ever see that gal and or guy walking through the streets and have the urge to know everything about her / him that can be publicly found? Protostar has what you need. With the new PDA 2.0 you'll have the information form our own customer database and that of your respective allegiance's Arkship at your fingertips. Our ergonomically designed hand held device is tough enough to survive a strain infected beast's gut, yet easy enough for a technology clueless Aurin to use!

Plain and simple: allows you to name your costume sets.

The Visitor
Fill out a players name and go! it will find the players house and teleport you to it.

Nexus Panel
Want to have a nice overview about your current session stats, your coordinates, your item bag slots, currencies, your online friends, your latency/ping time, FPS and more? Then is the Nexus Panel addon propably your bang on!

ColorPicker is an addon for choosing colors. It is used by other addons to allow users to select and modify colors.

FoVCalculator assists in estimating and setting your FoV value based on your screen size, aspect ratio, and distance from your eyes to the screen.

TapThat will complete Client Side Interactions (CSIs) automatically when you start them. A CSI is a Rapid Tap, Press And Hold, Metronome, or Memory (Simon) event.

"It will be happened, it shall be going to be happening, it will be was an event that could will have been taken place in the future." - Arnold J. Rimmer

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