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[STICKY] Guild Rules & Info
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Frostglade 31st May 2014

Joined: 8th Feb 2014
Rank: WildStar Officer
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SERVER: Lightspire (EU EN-RP-PvE)
FOUNDED: At game launch (31/05/2014)


1. General

1.1. Have fun! We play games to have fun and relax. When you start taking them too seriously they can come to feel like work and that is not what we want it to feel like.

1.2. Real life comes first! We're a casual guild and fully aware people are occasionally or often busy in their real lives and can't thus log in often. This is not a problem! Log in when you can and enjoy the time in-game you have.

1.3. Be friendly to fellow players! MMOs are social games after all and surely we all want a server filled with friendly and helpful people.

2. Guild Notes

Write the following info into your characters' guild notes.
  • Forum name
  • Tradeskills
This helps significantly in identifying who everyone is, thus avoiding a UPW (Unidentified Playing WEIRDO) problem , and knowing if someone would be able to help with whatever needs arise through crafting.

You can change your guild note through the Guild tab in the Social Window (O), found on the bottom of the Guild Roster section.

3. Guild Chat

3.1. Speak English, for we are on an English server and not all of us possess Babel fishes.

3.2. Do not spam the guild chat.

3.3. As tempting as it may be to tout the server's "deadiness" from the pavement wearing signs declaring the end of times, please refrain from these (untrue) statements and instead try spending the time making our server a friendlier, more welcoming and polite realm and thus giving it a good reputation for future gamers looking for a home.

4. Guild Bank

4.1. AMPs: Avoid depositing doubles of white quality AMPs in the guild bank. Green and better AMPs can be in multiples but due to the sheer number of white quality AMPs it is preferred to only store one of each at a time.

4.2. Crafting: Feel free to deposit and withdraw crafting-related items in/from the Crafting bank tab for your own crafting for your personal use or to craft something for a guild mate. The materials deposited are not to be withdrawn and later sold on AH/CX.

4.3. Tax: The guild tax (5 %) is enabled. This is done to pre-emptively gather money prior to the future (promised) introduction of guild housing.

5. Group PvE

5.1. We use the MS/OS (main spec/off spec) system for loot distribution in guild groups. What this means is that you need if
  • the drop in question is an upgrade to your equipment in your current role in the group (MS) or
  • no one wants it for their MS and it is an upgrade to your other spec(s) (OS).

5.2. Do not get frustrated if no loot drops for you. The goal is to have fun and enjoy the content, purples are just a possible bonus. Getting epics is not to be taken for granted (no matter what WoW tries to teach people nowadays), you have to work to get them and having fun doing so makes it all the more enjoyable when you finally get the Lopp's Shiny Boots of Magnificent Bouncy Goodtime.

5.3. Do not vote to disband the group to restart the instance once a gold run becomes impossible to achieve unless:
  • you have a full guild group (and no one objects to it) or
  • the PuGs present do not object to it.

Voting to disband in other situations is simply bad behaviour.

6. PvP

6.1. Given our original intent of rolling on an RP-PvP server having your PvP flag ON is appreciated as a commiseration for the late RP-PvP rule set (RIP 01/2014-05/2014).

6.2. The following behaviour is not tolerated:
  • Ganking
  • Camping starting areas
  • Verbally harassing and/or insulting other players.

7. Leaving the Guild

We hold no grudge against members who find that our guild is not enough for what they're after. All we ask from our to-be ex-members is to write a post on the forums when you leave to let us know and allow us to wish you luck in your endeavours. Leaving without notice can be seen as rude and inconsiderate and is thus frowned upon.

"It will be happened, it shall be going to be happening, it will be was an event that could will have been taken place in the future." - Arnold J. Rimmer

Frostglade 4th Aug 2014

Joined: 8th Feb 2014
Rank: WildStar Officer
Posts: 376
Likes 282


How can I get a guild invite?

After you've created your character and logged in, please add me or an officer  as an ACCOUNT friend. This allows you to see when they're online no matter what character they're currently on. If you only add them as friends, it'll apply only with the character you befriended.

You could also simply join TeamSpeak when someone with the invite rights is on to make it easier.

Who should I add as an account friend to get an invite?

In order to get an invite you can any of the following XSGamers as your account friends.

Forum name || Character name
Corwen     || Corianna
           || Amaranth
Gaz        || Funbags
Bas        || Clogg
Scott      || Trixxy

How can I add someone as an account friend?

Open your Social window through the shortcut (O) or manually using the menu bar.

Select the Contacts-tab and from there, Friends.

At the bottom there is the Add Account -button. This is used to add people as account friends. Click on it.

Write the character's name in the Enter player name -field. It doesn't matter if the player is online or offline as long as the character is on the same server as you are. If they are on a different server, add the server's name in the Realm (optional) -field.

You're done! All that's left to do is to wait for those lazy buggers to accept your friend request and invite you to the guild!

Unless something went wrong on the game's side...

"It will be happened, it shall be going to be happening, it will be was an event that could will have been taken place in the future." - Arnold J. Rimmer

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