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Oops, They Might've Done F*ed It Up
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Frostglade 11th May 2014

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In Jeremy Gaffney's AMA the following was said:

QuoteBut what about the name reservations? What about organizing our guilds? To the former; name reservations are global. This means you will not select a realm when you reserve a name. Your name is attached to your email address for 90 days post launch, and no one else can get it. As to organizing your guilds, I'm totally sympathetic to your plight. I've done my fair share of day 1 guild organization and I remember one game in the past that we had to decide "Pick the first PVE realm that starts with a 'C'". I understand that isn't optimal, and I'm going to prevent our guilds from doing THAT level of last minute coordination.

So this means that once the Name Reservation page goes up, there'll be a surge of people reserving their name. This all fine and dandy, and nothing new, but the fucked up part is that whichever name someone picks is GLOBALLY taken for 90 DAYS. That is, if someone in NA picks a name they're going to use on only one NA server, no one else will be able to use it anywhere else until the 90 days have passed. Again, in other words, be bloody quick or you'll possibly be shit out of luck with names until September.

Cougar also commented on the shitstorm that appeared on the forums:

QuoteHey all,

I hear your feedback. The only variable that can change at this point in time about the name reservation system is the 90 day lock out. I'll talk to the team about shortening that based on the feedback here and elsewhere. Even then, we are up against the clock on that. It becomes significantly harder to change it after the website goes live on Tuesday (because there are probably some people out there that LIKE the 90 day lock, as is evidenced in this thread - minority as they may be) and taking away that 90 day lock after having the webpage up is a promise to those users that we'd then have to change. Lawyers don't typically like that.

So the only thing I can promise at this point in time is that I'll have the discussion with the right people about shortening the 90 day lock out.

I really hope they'll make the lockout period at most a week or so after the beginning of headstart. The global lock part is utter BS but if it can't be changed for whatever reasons, the only thing they can do is shorten the bloody lock period...

"It will be happened, it shall be going to be happening, it will be was an event that could will have been taken place in the future." - Arnold J. Rimmer

Meltup 11th May 2014

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The closer it is to the launch, the more confusing actions of Carbine become... well, at least, let's prepare to reserve names as fast as one can 

Aurin fan and lore explorer   Long live our queen Myala!

Last Edit: 11th May 2014 by Meltup
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