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Esper cheating
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Nelim 19th May 2014

Joined: 5th May 2014
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Hey all,

Few days back I was doing some PVP with TeaTimes, Corwen and Meltup. As I was playing around I seemed something very odd. This esper was spamming skills and there was no way to kill him.

So as I said to them that the guy must've been cheating. Maybe not as obvious as the Esper in this thread but most certainly some way of cheating.

http://www.reddit.com/r/W ... _no_global_cooldown/

Hope this gets fixed..

Frostglade 19th May 2014

Joined: 8th Feb 2014
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Haha, now that's what I call burst damage .

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Geekbyte 19th May 2014

Joined: 10th Apr 2014
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I hope it's been sent to the Devs for fixing as they might be unawares

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TeaTimes 19th May 2014

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CRB_Gaffer replied to that reddit topic. So I'm pretty sure they know about it now.
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