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[Tip] Hidden Emote Deeds
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Bas 20th Nov 2014

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Not all deeds appear in your deed log. Turbine threw in some fun easter eggs for you to find when you complete the requirements. These hidden gems require you to have a friend or two to help you as it requires emotes to be performed on you in order for you to earn them. Have your friend target you and perform the specific emote needed for the new title or emote.

Special Emote Titles 
Most titles are earned when you have had 100 of the specific emote performed on you. The deed increments only 5 times per day so it will take a minimum of 20 days to get these titles. I’ve noted which emotes have different requirements. More information about these emotes can be found in this Player Guide.

The Adorable – /hug
The Alluring – /flirt
The Befuddling – /confused
The Beloved – /kiss
The Dull – /bored
The Harrassed – /beg
The Helpful – /thank
The Infuriating – /angry
The Insulted – /rude (200 required with a 6 per day limit)
The Intimidating – /cower (40 is required with a 2 per day limit)
The Naughty – /scold
The Ridiculed – /mock
The Victorious – /surrender (40 required with 2 per day limit)

Special Emotes 
These emotes work similar to earning the special titles. The ability to use these new emotes unlock when you receive 100 of a specific emote performed on you. All but one of them require 100 of the emotes to be performed and the deed will increment 5 times per day. More information on these emotes can be found in this Player Guide.

Receive /Firebreath with 100 /cheer emotes
Receive /Heropose with 100 /bow emotes
Receive /Juggle with 200 /laugh emotes (increments 6 per day)
Receive /Swordsalute with 100 /salute emotes
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Forum » MMO's » Lord of the Rings Online
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