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[STICKY] Useful Plugins for LOTRO
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XSGamers 19th Apr 2014

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So there's this website.. LoTROInterface.. and it has lots of plugins that you can install to make the game easier.. or more fitting your playstyle..

I'll first explain how you can install and manage plugins for those that aren't familiar with the concept..
Below the explanation I'll keep an updated list with useful plugins, either found by myself or contributed by others in this thread.

Step 1, Exposing the plugins to your client:

Navigate to your documents folder for The Lord of the Rings Online (for Windows XP users, this is usually " C:\Documents and Settings\{YourWindowsAccountName}\My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online" while for Windows Vista\7\8\8.1 Users, this is usually "C:\Users\{YourWindowsAccountName}\Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online".

Create a folder named "Plugins" inside of this folder. Place all plugins inside of this new folder (most plugins are organized into their own folder meant to go inside of the main "Plugins" folder).

Step 2, Loading and unloading your plugins:

When you've loaded the Lotro client and you are in the character selection screen there is a button called "Plugin Manager". Open this manager and you'll see a list of all plugins that are found in the plugin folder.
If you click on a plugin you can click the button "Load" or  "Unload" in the top of the window to load or unload the selected plugin.
Once selected it shows the various options from that plugin in the right part of the window. 
Below the options is a dropdown selector where you can select for what character the plugin needs to be automaticly loaded.
If you're already logged in on a specific character you can go to the UI-menu (little arrow pointing up on the far left of your toolbar) then select "System" and then click on "Plugin Manager". You'll get the same manager window as above.


Useful Plugins
  • TonicBars: The concept is a Bar (quickbar) manager. It will allow you to create Bars and manage different attributes for them. To compliment traditional bars, is a new concept called Extensions. The idea though is that you select a quickslot on your main bar you want to extend. You then indicate which direction you want this bar to extend into. There is a list of predefined configurations such as: Hunter Travel, Warden Travel, LM Combat Pets, LM Cosmetic Pets, and many more.
  • BuffBars: This plugin provides a bar view(icon, name, timer) or slider view(all effects on one bar) of buffs, debuffs, and pot cooldowns you have on your character. It also includes a dynamic quickslot bar that will popup when curable debuffs or low morale/power conditions exist on you character to enable you to quickly clear the effect.
  • Tulkas: Tulkas is designed to help you plan your character builds by comparing items against one another, and creating hypothetical builds to preview the stat changes. It has a built-in database of approximately 31,000 items covering all levels 1-85. However in the event that your item has not been added, there is the option to add yourself.
  • Combat Analysis: View your Damage Dealt, Damage Taken, Outgoing & Incoming Healing and Power Restore information in game in real time.
  • Palantir II: Palantir is a highly customizable Heads-Up Display(HUD) for LotRO that displays critical combat-related information at center-screen in an unobtrusive way. This allows the player to get the information they need without having to take their eyes off of the business at hand, as they would if they were to depend on the default UI elements. Palantir II is the new version of the original version of Palantir as the original isn't maintained anymore, only the Palantir II plugin needs to be installed.
  • Titanbar: This plugin will show various infos on a bar at the top or bottom of your screen. Each infos are called "control". They can be moved anywhere on the bar. You can also change the back color, font and the icon size and height of TitanBar.
  • Raid Assistant: Raid Assistant is a plugin to help with group management and organisation.It is not just for raid leaders, but for everyone who likes to enjoy group content. You can use it to watch rolls, track loot, and prevent grouping with players you wish to ignore.
  • Sequence Bars: This plugin lets you make a sequence of skills, and moves them under your cursor one by one, so you can click them in order, without moving the mouse.this plugin can be useful is as a gear-swapper. So, for example, you can have one sequence for equipping your DPS items, and another sequence for equipping your tanking items. This is demonstrated in the following brief video:

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