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GTX 760 SLI vs Radeon R9 290X
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Sunburn 24th Apr 2014

Joined: 23rd Apr 2014
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Really interesting

Makes me question my eventual graphics card upgrade. I was thinking of switching from Radeon 7770 to R9 280 or 280X, but now I might go for 2 mid-range cards in CrossFire or SLI. Just have to make sure to upgrade my trusty Seasonic SII-430 to some good 650W model

Edit: URL tag looks ok. Weird.
Here's direct link: http://www.ocaholic.ch/mo ... ge=0&itemid=1293

Edit 2: Linking on this forum is a nightmare. Here's a goo.gl link: http://goo.gl/cBrvtr

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Mudcut 24th Apr 2014

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Link is not working?

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MrYiff 24th Apr 2014

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For a few quid more than the 280 you could get an Nvidia 770, or for about £100 more get a 780.

I think from a quick glance the 770 should outperform both the 280 and the 280x, plus I would always rather have a better single gfx card than two lower end ones in sli/x-fire as single cards are just better and no one has yet been able to make adding a 2nd gfx card actually double performance (mostly you get 40-60% better performance, but you also run into some games that can't work with dual cards at all).
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XSGamers 24th Apr 2014

Joined: 17th Jan 2014
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For some reason having page=0& in the url screwed up the link and it gave me an error when I went to the actual page (invalid article). But taking out the page worked fine (2nd link below.)



Ezrail 27th Apr 2014

Joined: 27th Apr 2014
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QuoteLink is not working?
With that avatar you should be lucky if anything worked 

Now to the topic:

I agree with Mr.Yiff on this one. Cards in SLI and Crossfire can sometimes be a really big pain in the....well that dumping part of body....
Any new card with good but really good cooling system can be overclocked to do more than it was prepared to do. When you see that even manufacturers go to OC-ing cards and sell them out of the box for us end-users with warranty  you have to ask your self is double card system really worth it. 
I think single high end card is better solution than either of 2 card combining. Games aren't coded to work with two cards anyway they are always coded to work with specific API set and that's it. Some games have a specific set-up for multiple cards but that's just an add-on to make it work and you will not really get much better performance than a single high end card. Even when you get better performance you always have to think about power usage and cooling. There is also side effect with two cards vents running instead of just one which is always designed to be as quiet as possible enough and effective at the same time. Two mid ranged cards will always be louder and ask good cooling performance through your PC case in general. Power consumption also plays here and for two mid ranged cards you need really reliable, strong and stable gold class power sources. 
And as it proved to me many times single high end card will last much longer for running new games than two mid or low range cards combined.

Just my opinion as PC builder.

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