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Galor Cracken 8th Sep 2015

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Well, had the chance to look a bit into CQC beta and I have to dsay thats a mighty nice thing they build there. Very fast paced pvp action in nutshell ships. Balncing need some tweaking but it's a fun thing if you just want to burn some holes into something. It makes a nice addition to the game. Btw unlike the xbox version I had no problems getting matches going.

Ofc I had sat in the 3 new ships that come along for the main game. Imperial eagle (about a million in cash for the hull.) looks cool and with the upgraded powergrid can actually run a descent setup. Tho it now handles more like a viper. It's fun to fly.
the new federal ships fly like bricks and are nicely armed. Espacially the gunboat is basically the equivallent of a Abrams/Challenger/Leopard 2 battletank. Massive amount of armor and turret slots and good for nothing else. Might come in very handy when you go for thargoids.

See you in space.
Forum » MMO's » Elite: Dangerous
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