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Next great Starship VOTE for the save this weekend
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darkfireeye 10th May 2014

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
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So the save vote for the next stage of the great next starship is up.
SO vote that your favorite might not be kicked out. Somehow the judges do not like my taste so I was a bit disappointed that 4hourseman got through out. But well maybe they make it back in ... but guess there are still good once left in the competition ... seams the judges really like the helicopter like look in this last episode!

Here the link to the Vote!

What did you like the most? Is it already save?

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Ezrail 10th May 2014

Joined: 27th Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
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I haven't seen a single episode of TNGS but I followed your instinct and voted Apocalypse

After little bit of research I think I made right choice.

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Last Edit: 10th May 2014 by Ezrail
JurGrady 11th May 2014

Joined: 17th Feb 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 272
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Well I spend some time researching and reviewing the vids and so on yesterday.

And I was torn between voting for 4horsemen and TriTri.
I think they are both good, and I hope they both get picked up.

In the end I voted for 4horsement because they already have a more finished product and in-engine are the fartest.

Steam: JurGrady | Star Citizen: Jur Grady

Xee Thot 11th May 2014

Joined: 28th Apr 2014
Rank: Star Citizen Officer
Posts: 33
Likes 6

4horseman is my favourite of the outcasts

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Spagfoot 11th May 2014

Joined: 23rd Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 317
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Meh - I went Cryo as although it's not as far along, I just love the idea and it's a bit different from anything else. I don't think it will win but it's the best of the rest for me.

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Nal 17th May 2014

Joined: 26th Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 84
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Four horsemen and 3Dingo got saved for those who didn't watch yet!
Forum » MMO's » Star Citizen
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