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Most active dayz days
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U. Andersen 18th Oct 2014

Joined: 16th Oct 2014
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Posts: 23
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Hi all.

Just wanted to know on what days the dayz players were active?



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Hughes1982 18th Oct 2014

Joined: 16th Oct 2014
Rank: XSG Trialist
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I play most days
HeadlessJoey 18th Oct 2014

Joined: 23rd Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
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Well guys normally we play every evening but most of us are playing Arma or just taking a break right now because the .49 branch is too unstable to play on.
We will get the .50 update at the end of this month and we will probably all be online then or a little before that.
MrYiff 18th Oct 2014

Joined: 22nd Apr 2014
Rank: XSG Admin
Posts: 364
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Yeah, I've been running Arma 3 custom missions with a few streamers, about to kick off a 7+ way PoV multitwitch with 20+ of us running a convoy incase anyone has a spare 6 hours or so tonight

http://www.multitwitch.tv ... as/kirskoff/tetran20

Steam: MrYiff || Origin: TheMrYiff || Uplay: MrYiff || Skype: MrYiff

Bigbadasswolf 19th Oct 2014

Joined: 27th Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
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We used to play more or less every day at least 2-4 guys but during the last couple of weeks we have been somewhat inactive because the 0.49 patch freezes popular servers like ours several times a day(requiring a manual restart) and it's very annoying, especially if you put ur gun on the ground right before the crash. We usually play during the evenings euro time. Don't worry though we'll be back in full force once it gets resolved . I have prepped myself with two long range mosins for the comeback

If you want to see some of the highlights(and messups ) from our play check our the dayz videos thread here in the dayz forum.
Last Edit: 19th Oct 2014 by Bigbadasswolf
Madmat 19th Oct 2014

Joined: 22nd Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 187
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iam most nights just being a bandit until they sort the sound and server issues out.
Acetylo 20th Oct 2014

Joined: 23rd Apr 2014
Rank: XSGamer
Posts: 88
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Back in the good days Military service is holding my gameing time back

U. Andersen 20th Oct 2014

Joined: 16th Oct 2014
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Posts: 23
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Well ive only noticed the server freeze on 40 man servers when they are about full, which we can easily say yours is pretty much all the time..

I wont say the patch is too unstable now. Its not stable at all no, but its better than some of the previous attempts they done..

Okay, lets hope it gets updated soon then
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Forum » MMO's » DayZ
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