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[EVENT] LOTRO - Christmas & New Years fun
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Bas 10th Dec 2014

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
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HO HO HO and a Merry Christmas to all!!

So here we are close to the end of 2014, as every year we like to celebrate this with all our LOTRO members.
This year we'll be organizing this Christmas & New Years event on Sunday 28 december. The event will be about fun and giggles and of course surprises!


Here's the program of the evening: (all times are CET)

20:30 - 21:00: Christmas Horse Race!
Yes! We will be organizing a Horse Race, based in the Snowy Landscape of Forochel to give it that Christmas feeling the race will start at the gates of Suri Kyla and it ends at the Shipwreck close to the camp Hylje-leiri.
Prizes are abundant, so Sign Up!

21:00 - 21:45: Secret Santa!
We will randomly appoint members to everyone who signs up who you need to surprise with a nice present, don't feel forced to give them that Uber Gift which will drain every last penny out of your ingame bankaccount. Small gifts like food, potions or boots (I'm looking at Sam) are also perfectly fine!

21:45 - Who knows?: Naked Giggles in the Rift!
Gathered in the Bree Crafting hall. Everyone drops all of their equipment in their vault except 1 item.. You can choose yourself, be it a weapon, a piece of armour, a hope pot or whatever you desire! Once everyone has decided what item to keep we will Conga out of Bree and once outside start the Rift raid and see how far we can make it! 

Thairn, Santa of Middle Earth

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Sam 10th Dec 2014

Joined: 22nd Apr 2014
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Quoteor boots (I'm looking at Sam)

"His friend had to die, because he thought they were people. A slow arrow breaks in the sad wolf's jaws."

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Bas 17th Dec 2014

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
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Don't forget to sign up! And if you see someone in game who hasn't signed yet tell them to clear their agenda and go sign up!!
Bas 24th Dec 2014

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
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All Secret Santa tickets have been drawn and all participating people have received a PM with the chosen person they need to get some gifts for!

There is no required amount of presents you need to give, and it doesn't have to be something awesome, as long as you think the person will like it, whether it be on their main or an alt.
Remember it's all about the kindness and though about each other.. not about the awesomeness of a gift!
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Forum » MMO's » Events in Lotro
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