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Bas 21st Aug 2015

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
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For those new about this event a short intro. 
We're going to play new characters from scratch with a group as big as it'll become. But because everyone has different timezones, schedules and other excuses we'll not play each day/evening together but rather set dates for questing as a fellowship/raid.
People can sign up for those dates and we'll set a level which your character is supposed to be at that time.
You can choose yourself how and what you do to get to the required level. If you get to the level before the event is happening and you enjoy playing your little baby gnome a bit to much to shelve it until later, you can buy a Stone of Tortoise in the Lotro in-game store for 100TP.
This pocket-item will disable all forms of XP that you can gain to level up, it will not disable crafting tier leveling so you can still upgrade your crafts.
During the event nobody uses XP enhancers (unless you're a bit behind in level but still join in) or XP disablers.
This way we'll be able to level up together a bit as a group.
At the end of the event we'll discuss a date for the next event, the new required level and also what area we'll start questing in. In the time between the events people can go about their own things again doing deeds, crafting or quests as long as you try to avoid questing in the given area of the next event and when you reach the required level for the next event equip your Stone of Tortoise to disable XP.


Current known list of players
Anya   - Anyarial        -   minstrel
Bas    - Minidoc         -   hunter
Mark   - Whatya         -   guardian
Ireth  - Irethini        -   champion
Dan    - Dargesh       -   champion
Mike   - Eothild       -   captain
Julie  - Albeth        -   runekeeper
Bubs   - Hybreed       -   beorning
Stella - Raviola          -   beorning
Skal   - Skaliwaggles  -   burglar
Kayls  - ???????????? - warden/guardian
Sam    - Tarria       - loremaster (joins from lvl 30)


The first event is set on Sunday 23rd of August, level is set at 10 and we'll start questing in Combe.
Time is set at 13:00 GMT.


Keep an eye on this thread for new event dates!

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Bas 23rd Aug 2015

Joined: 18th Feb 2014
Rank: XSG Admin
Posts: 397
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The second event is set on Sunday 20th of September, level is set at 25 and we'll start questing in The Lone Lands.
Time is set at 13:00 GMT.
Thargor 25th Aug 2015

Joined: 26th Apr 2014
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And here's one of the shots of the group, taken in Bree...

The Boar Fountain shot
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Last Edit: 25th Aug 2015 by Thargor
Forum » MMO's » Events in Lotro
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